Our guarantee Client satisfaction is important to us.

Person hold shieldWe feel that most accountants cannot deliver the service they promote and promise which often leads to dissatisfied clients.They often refer to completing accounts on a timely basis but clients then find themselves chasing their accountant for finalised figures. They also refer to fixed fees, but then charge their clients for additional advice or meetings. Do any of these sound familiar?

If you are not a start-up company then it is possibly one of these reasons that you are visiting our site!

In order to ensure our clients are happy with our service, we offer the following client satisfaction guarantee:

  1. All of our work is based on a fixed monthly fee, quoted in advance so that you will never get a nasty surprise later down the line. This includes all general advice and meetings in respect of your company’s usual business affairs.
  2. All filing deadlines will be met. If we ever submit anything late and it is our fault, we will pay all the late filing penalties and give you £250 for the inconvenience.
  3. All of our work will exceed your expectations every time, or you decide the fee

To take advantage of our satisfaction guaranteed service, call 01227 656511 or enter your details in the form to the right to arrange your free no-obligation meeting.

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